Economic Development Council

Expedited Permitting

St Johns offers an easy and cost efficient way in reviewing and permitting property

Premium Features

St. Johns County offers convenience and cost-savings in the development review and permitting process.
Services include:
•Expedited Permitting (to qualifying economic development and affordable housing projects)
•One-Stop Permitting (for quick and efficient approval of construction plans)
•On-Line Development Permit Tracking

You will find staff easily accessible and eager to help guide your project through the process. For more information, contact the St. Johns County Growth Management Department at (904) 209-0575 or

Community Redevelopment Areas

St. Johns County has designated three important Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA's) for economic growth.
They include portions of:

•Flagler Estates
•Vilano Beach
•West Augustine

Special assistance for projects in these areas is available. For more information, contact Tom Crawford, Director of Housing and Community Services, (904) 827-6890 or