Event Presentation Resources

These presentations have been given by experts at Chamber meetings

Event / Meeting
Presenter   Download
EDC Quarterly Breakfast    1.19.2018   Don Fox, CEO, Firehouse of America   PDF
 South Beaches Council   9.21.2017   Denise Hagan, Northwester Mutual: Business Risks: What keeps you up at Night?   PDF
 Legislative Update: EDC Quarterly Breakfast    7.27.17   Representative Cyndi Stevenson, Senator Travis Hutson (Stevenson / Hutson Video), Representative Paul Renner, SJC County Commission Chair James Johns (Renner / Johnson Video)    
Chamber Historic St. Augustine Council    6.9.2017    Reuben Franklin, City of St. Augustine Mobility Program Manager    PDF
 Chamber Historic St. Augustine Council   5.12.2017   Suzanne Konchan, Director Growth Managment, St. Johns County    PDF