Leadership St. Johns

Advancing leadership in our community's ascending and elite professionals.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership St. Johns program strives to connect and develop leaders to help drive the success of our local economy as St. Johns County confronts the opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow. Since 2000, more than 300 St. Johns County leaders have graduated from Leadership St. Johns.

St. Johns County’s business, political and non-profit community ranks include many Leadership St. Johns alumni who have and are continuing to make a positive difference.  The LSJ program also provides a way to recognize talented individuals within your organization who might benefit from the Leadership St. Johns experience and who can utilize this opportunity to advance your organization’s goals. The strong personal and professional connections that class members make during the program year are invaluable.

Are YOU ready to take the LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE?

On July 25, Leadership St. Johns will begin accepting applications for its upcoming 2018-2019 program year. This annual program is designed for current and aspiring business and community leaders who desire to maximize their leadership potential.

During the program year, the class of approximately 20 leaders is convened 1 day each month during which participants experience a full-day of policy briefings and onsite tours providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing our community.

Class members who successfully graduate from the program will be welcomed into the elite ranks of leadership program graduates in St. Johns County and across Florida.


Video by Philip Alia
LSJ Alumni Class of 2017

"The Leadership St. Johns experience has been amazing and so much more than I had imagined…I was able to meet leaders of our community, hear their perspectives and view the community in a whole new light..."

-Dawn DiMeglio, Herbie Wiles Insurance

“Leadership St. Johns is about more than networking – it allows you to delve into the resources and needs of our county and find opportunities to impact our community in a significant way, and in the process, develop significant friendships with other leaders.”

-Jill Miller, Flagler College

Why LEADERSHIP ST JOHNS? More Alumni Testimonials

“Participating in Leadership St. Johns has been exciting and educational; it is like having a backstage pass to all the inner workings of our county.” – Cathy Johnston, Haven Hospice

“Leadership St. Johns is one of the most enjoyable leadership training venues with which I’ve ever been involved. The profound insights gleaned from the meetings and field trips to a wide variety of sites across the county – coupled with the opportunity to dramatically expand networks by working closely with leaders from an array of industry segments – has made this endeavor professionally and personally rewarding.” – Dwyn Taylor, Stellar

“This program is especially valuable to anyone seeking to address a challenging issue of concern or to discover cutting-edge opportunities. The people that you meet, the places you will visit and the discussions in which you will participate will significantly impact any endeavor you choose to pursue.  The relationships you develop will provide you with years of guidance, resources, project collaborations and friendships.” – Amy Leach, St. Johns County Council on Aging 

For further information, please contact Bob Porter, LSJ Program Director at: bob.porter@sjcchamber.com or (904)-687-2049